Study Songwriting With Melaena


As a writing teacher, I’m committed to giving songwriters tools to tap into their own trove of emotional and sense memory to create powerful imagery, hone specificity and develop story by showing, not telling.  Working in a nurturing and playful way we focus on what makes each writers’ point of view unique and through that strive for songs that ring both deeply personal and universal. 

I offer one-on-one sessions and monthly workshops.

About Melaena:

Melaena Cadiz has been writing and recording for nearly a decade. Her work has been lauded by NPR, Vogue, Streogum and American Songwriter. She grew up in Kalamazoo, MI and spent time in Singapore, France, Seattle and New York before settling three years ago in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. She teaches Songwriting for all levels and beginners & kids’ guitar. 

“Vivacious storytelling, introspection, and candor intertwine in evocative revelations” - Stereogum  

“A voice that grabs you within seconds” - NPR

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